Roberts Gordon Vantage Modulating

Radiant Heaters

True Unitary Modulation  

VANTAGE® MODULATING Unitary Radiant Heater

  • Trouble free, fuel efficient operation with fully automatic or manual control of burner modulation.
  • Efficient and optimum combustion throughout full range of burner inputs ensured by pre-programmed burner controls.
  • System information and ease of service provided by comprehensive on-board diagnostics for fault and system status.
  • Burner box design with protective enclosure for controls minimizes exposure to dirt and moisture from combustion air.
  • Design flexibility achieved with multiple configurations and broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths.
  • Long life provided by durable components.

About Roberts Gordon

Dedicated to providing excellent products, service and support to meet our customers' needs and beyond. Since Roberts-Gordon introduced the first vacuum assisted low intensity, natural gas fired infrared heating system, we have been and remain the industry leader in radiant heat with the most complete range of top quality gas heater products available. CORAYVAC ®, GORDONRAY ® and VANTAGE ® industrial heaters provide comfortable, energy efficient, and reliable warmth for a variety of satisfied customers.

Easily installed and requiring minimal maintenance, these gas heaters provide clean, quiet, draft-free, energy efficient heat. Ceiling mounted and aesthetically pleasing, ROBERTS GORDON ® radiant heaters are available in a variety of sizes and designs.


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