Columbia Model KWO and KWO 500 Waste Oil Boilers

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Our waste oil boilers are economic hydronic heating systems for trucking companies, auto dealerships, truck and auto repair facitlities, quick lube shops, floor or radiant heat applications, heating large process tanks, biodiesel production, truck and car wash facilities, and green houses. Recycle your used crankcase oil, transmission fluid, hyrdaulic fluid, synthetic oils, vegetable and cooking oils, some glycerin/fuel mixes and biodiesel. Also burns #1 and #2 fuel oil.

At the heart of all of our waste oil boilers is the patented Shenandoah Burner with the easy to clean patented slide-out gun assembly, quick disconnect, the latest flame control technology, high-voltage, multi-try ignition.



Model KWO & KWO 500

Model KWO and KWO500

KWO : 210,000 - 350,000 BTU INPUT
KWO 500 : 350,000-500,000 BTU INPUT Optional Coil for potable hot water
30 PSI water

Download KWO Spec. Sheet
Download KWO 500 Spec. Sheet


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