Columbia Model HRT20 Waste Oil Boilers

Model HRT20 Waste Oil Boiler

Model HRT20

Columbia HRT Series Boilers are used in industrial process steam application, distillation processes, large tank heating, biodiesel production, and commercial building heating. At the heart of all our waste oil boilers is the patented Shenandoah burner with its easy-to-clean patented slideout gun assembly and quick-disconnect. This industry-recognized and time-proven burner incorporates the latest flame control technology and high-voltage multi-try ignition.

Completely assembled, piped, wired & factory tested with steam pressure gauge, extra large combustion chamber, oversized 2" fire tubes, 150 psi steam pressure, water level gauge, gauge cocks with ball checks, gauge glass protector assembly, steam safety valve, steam supply ball valve, boiler and water column blowdown valves, hand hole inspection plate assemblies, immersion feedwater pipe, jacket and 1" fiberglass insulation, combination low water cut-off and pump control, additional probe type low water cut-off with manual reset, steam pressure control, steam hi-limit pressure control with manual reset, waste oil burner with safety and operating controls, oil pump and filter kit, installation and maintenance manual.

HRT20 Waste Oil Boiler Specifications

Waste Oil GPH (approx.)


Burner Input MBTU/hr


Burner Output MBTU/hr


Boiler H.P Rating.



690 lbs

Steam Pressure (max.)

150 psi

Heating Surface

120 sq. ft.

Normal Water Volume

68 gals

Steam Volume

80 gals

Total Heat Exchanger Volume

148 gals



  • ASME Boiler, waste oil burner, boiler controls, oil pump and filter system
  • Waste Oil Firing Rate (max) 6.00 Gals per hour
  • Burner Input 840 MBTU/hr.
  • Steam Pressure (max.) 250 psi
  • Larger boilers are available

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